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Nada (Sound) yoga

Explore your inner sound -the sound of silence- through yoga, pranayama, mantra, sound and meditation.

Nada means ‘flow of sound’ and yoga means ‘union’. Nada Yoga (or Sound Yoga) is the process of uniting the individual mind with cosmic consciousness through the flow of sound. By tracing the origin of sound, music, thoughts and feelings to their source, through yoga asana, breath work, chanting, and meditation, we can experience the pure silence of pure consciousness.

Chanting circles

Raise your vibration as Nienke shares traditional and original mantras from various traditions and in different languages, accompanied by guitar, harmonium, and frame drum. 

A mantra is a sound, word or phrase, with spiritual significance, that is chanted, usually repetitively.
‘Man’ means mind, and ‘tra’ means instrument; a tool to calm the mind. Each mantra induces specific vibrations in the mind and body, which cleanses and energizes the chakras (energy centres) and creates a sense of well-being.

Sound therapy

Lie down, relax and immerse yourself into the sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, the medicine drum, gong, Native American flute, Kalimba, steel tongue drum, and a variety of percussion instruments… taking you on an internal journey.

Sound Therapy, also known as Sound Healing or vibrational medicine, is an ancient practice that employs the vibration of the human voice as well as musical instruments, to trigger the relaxation response and activate the body’s natural healing abilities.

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NEW: Mantra Cards!

About nienke

Nienke is a professional Art & Music Therapist, Nada (sound) Yoga teacher
and singer-songwriter.

She plays a wide variety of instruments, from guitar to harmonium, singing bowls, flute, gong, drum, and other percussion. She holds regular chanting circles, sound meditations, and Nada Yoga workshops, and has been a performer and facilitator at many events, retreats and festivals, like ‘the Pranic Festival Australia’, ‘Island Vibe Festival’, ‘Mind Body Spirit festival’, ‘7 Sisters Festival’ and the upcoming ‘Bali Spirit Festival’. 

She is currently recording her first album. Fusing traditional mantras with English and Dutch lyrics. Her gentle pure soul, open heart, and angelic voice, combined with sweet but powerful melodies will touch you
in your deepest parts.

Her mission is to empower individuals and groups to bring out their
true authentic selves.
By providing a safe and supportive environment, she encourages people to express themselves in an artistic and musical way, and unite people from all walks of life, through sound and silence.


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